My opinion¬†on coding is that I think it can be fun and challenging. I think that coding isn’t all that valuable. The reason why I think this is because I think the only people who would need coding is those who are interested in the topic. I like the way Swift and Tynker put together their coding games because its fun and challenging.¬†

Should schools have a dress code?

img_0879Some schools have a strict dress could. Some pros on having a dress code is it would make a school look more proper. Another pro on having a dress code is it encourages a better behavior on the students. Even though there are some pros there is also some cons. One con can be that many students coukd disagree and act in a certain manner. Another con is that students cant show who and what there interst really are.

In my opinion, I think schools do good having a dress code, but it could also be unfair to the students when they have limited options.